Intro To Weight-Loss

Weight loss is very difficult for many patients to achieve. There are multiple factors that prevent people from achieving their weight loss goals.

Diets don't work in general. The diet you need is YOUR OWN diet. If you have a good understanding on why you gain weight and the person next to you that eats the same, exercises the same, and doesn't gain weight, you will be able to work effectively to your goal. There are many issues that block patients from achieving weight loss. Most commonly is elevated glucose. Even mildly high sugars considered in the normal range can be a problem. Some people have different receptors in the brain associated with appetite. Their appetite is strong and not suppressed with eating. Unless these issues are addressed; weight will always be a problem.

We have a class to help with weight loss. The goal is to educate our patients on the weight issues so they can have good control over their weight for the rest of their lives. We discuss metabolism, diet options, and medications that can help. With a good understanding of metabolism you can control your weight and achieve your weight loss goals.