Prevention is the best medicine is.

We pride ourselves on preventative medicine so you see us less.

"Dr. Petre and his team are amazing!!!"

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Our office is full of incredibly intelligent health care providers. All of our nurses are RN'S. Our doctors are certified in a multitude of health care prevention.


Patients cared for

Our doctors and Nurse Practitioners have cared for 100,000+ combined patients. We are the experts and use our experience to provide the best care for you and your family.



Family Medicine
Diabetes Management
Disease Prevention
Heart Attack Risk Reduction
Botox For Headaches

Learn the basics of health from our certified professionals.

Dr Jim hosts weight-loss classes at the office to give you actionable steps to become a healthier version of you. To sign-up for one of his classes just give the office a call and we will get you signed up!

If you are looking to lose some weight through scientifically proven means that keep the weight off, you don't want to miss these classes.

Dr Jim walks you through the misconceptions and misinformation that is being taught. He will give the equation to weight-loss success you've been looking for.

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Preventative Medicine is a must

Preventative medicine is the practice of reducing diseases and disabilities that effect people caused by environmental factors, genetic predisposition, disease agents, and lifestyle choices. Care begins before you realize you have anything wrong.

Taking the right metrics early on allows us to act fast and prevent many types of diseases and disabilities from becoming a huge inhibitor to your life. Some examples include heart diseases, heart attacks, and disease prevention.

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About 1 in 5 people have Diabetes but don't know

Over 10% of the human population in the USA has diabetes. The unfortunate thing is most people don't catch it soon enough. Our clinic is certified in diabetes management so we know how to catch it early. This means we can prevent you from having to deal with the really bad repercussions of not being diagnosed soon enough.

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Thank you Stone Ridge for making your patients a priority.


Awesome Doctors and medical staff! Stone Ridge is the first place I've gone to where I don't feel rushed while visiting my doctor! Michele listens and talks with me about my concerns. we discuss the best plan of action for my medical needs! Love, Love her "bedside manner"! This group is not apart of the local BIG hospitals and clearly don't have the unwritten 15 min per patient philosophy!! Thank you Stone Ridge for making your patients a priority.

Jackie Dennis Atkinse