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Disease Prevention

Preventative medicine is the practice of reducing diseases and disabilities that effect people caused by environmental factors, genetic predisposition, disease agents, and lifestyle choices. Care begins before you realize you have anything wrong.Taking the right metrics early on allows us to act fast and prevent many types of diseases and disabilities from becoming a huge inhibitor to your life. Some examples include heart diseases, heart attacks, and disease prevention.

Diabetes Management

Over 10% of the human population in the USA has diabetes. The unfortunate thing is most people don't catch it soon enough. Our clinic is certified in diabetes management so we know how to catch it early. This means we can prevent you from having to deal with the really bad repercussions of not being diagnosed soon enough.

Heart Attack Risk Reduction

The problem with waiting until you have an event to begin aggressive treatment is that 40% (4 out of 10) of the patients with the disease, their first sign of a possible problem is death. We lose 40 % of the patients with the disease right at the beginning. If we can look at your risk early, roughly 20 years before a possible event, we can treat patients with increased risk more aggressively and lower that risk. Patients are told all the time that their cholesterol levels are ok, but the test that is done only measures the weight of the cholesterol. It's more important to address the number of LDL (bad) particles in the arteries. Low HDL along with elevated triglycerides can be indicators of increased risk. We can offer a high level ultrasound evaluation of the arteries which is cheap and noninvasive to assess risk. Accurate information and early treatment are key to successful prevention.


Dr Jim hosts weight-loss classes at the office to give you actionable steps to become a healthier version of you. To sign-up for one of his classes just give the office a call and we will get you signed up! If you are looking to lose some weight through scientifically proven means that keep the weight off, you don't want to miss these classes. Dr Jim walks you through the misconceptions and misinformation that is being taught. He will give the equation to weight-loss success you've been looking for.

Other Services

- Sport Physicals
- Work Physicals
- Blood Work

have never had a bad experience!


I have been going to Stone Ridge for the past 10+ years and have never had a bad experience! I started out with Dr. Anne Petre and she was the most caring woman I had ever gone to as a doctor! She listened to my issues and gave me options to start with and not just a “ take this medication “. She left and I started to see the new NP Janelle Schanfish. She was just as amazing as Dr. Anne. Great bedside manner. Got to know me. Listened to my issues and helped solve them. She talked about having similar issues so she was on the same level as I was and understood! I was sad when she relocated but got in just recently with the new NP Jennifer that took over her place. She got to know me asked questions and gave me her plan. Always stopped and asked if I was okay with the plan and if I had any questions. She went over the plan with Dr. Jim and personally called me back with new options! The office staff and clinical are very friendly in person and on the phone! They take care of their patients and I recommend them to any of my friends and family!

Kelly S